Highway RPC Protocol

Concept Description

Highway is ServiceComb's private high-performance protocol, it's suitable for the performance sensitive scenarios.


To use the Highway channel, add the following dependencies in the pom.xml file:


The Highway configuration items in the microservice.yaml file are described below:

Table 1-1 Highway configuration items

Configuration Item Default Value Value Range Required Description Remark
servicecomb.highway.address - No The address that the server listens -
servicecomb.highway.server.thread-count 1 - No The number of server network threads -
servicecomb.highway.client.thread-count 1 - No The max number of allowed client connections -
servicecomb.highway.client.connection-pool-per-thread 1 - No The number of client network threads -
servicecomb.request.timeout 30000 - No The request timeout duration The same with the configuration of "REST over Vertx"
servicecomb.references.[servicename].transport rest No The transport type of the request The same with the configuration of "REST over Vertx"
servicecomb.references.[servicename].version-rule latest - No The version of the requested instance. The same with the configuration of "REST over Vertx"

Sample code

An example of the Highway configuration in the microservice.yaml:


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