REST over Vertx


The REST over Vertx communication channel runs in standalone mode, it can be started in the main function. In the main function, you need to initialize logs and load service configuration. The code is as follow:


public class MainServer {
  public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception {
   Log4jUtils.init();// Log initialization
   BeanUtils.init(); // Spring bean initialization

To use the REST over Vertx communication channel, add the following dependencies in the maven pom.xml file:


The REST over Vertx related configuration items in the microservice.yaml file are described as follows:

Table 1-1 Configuration items for REST over Vertx

Configuration Item Default Value Range Required Description Remark - No Service listening address Only for providers 1 - No Server's thread number Only for providers Integer.MAX_VALUE - No Max allowed client connections Only for providers 60 - No Timeout for server's idle connection The idle connections will be recycled 1 - No Client's thread number Only for consumers 5 - No Max connection number of each pool connection number = thread number * pool number * pool connection number 30 - No The timeout of client idle connection The idle connections will be recycled true - No Use long lived connection or not
servicecomb.request.timeout 30000 - No Request timeout
servicecomb.references.[ServiceName].transport rest No The transport type to access Only for consumers
servicecomb.references.[ServiceName].version-rule latest - No The version of instance to access Only for consumers. The supported rules including latest,1.0.0+,1.0.0-2.0.2,or accurate version. For details, please refer to the service center interface description

Sample Code

An example of the configuration in the microservice.yaml file for REST over Vertx:

    thread-count: 1
      transport: rest
      version-rule: 0.0.1

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