Develop consumer with Rest Template

RestTemplate is a RESTful API provided by the Spring framework. ServiceComb provides the implementation class for service calling

Develop consumer with AsynRestTemplate

AsyncRestTemplate allows users to make asynchronous service calls. The logic is similar to restTemplate, except that the service is called asynchronously.

Develop consumer with transparent RPC

The transparent RPC allows users to make service calls like a local call through a simple java interface.

Using Contracts

When a consumer calls a service from a provider, the contract is required. The consumer can get the providers' contracts in 2 ways: get the providers' contract from off-line, then manually configure it in the project. Or, download the contract from the service center.

Call Control

Instance level fault isolation

The instance-level fault isolation feature introduces the ability to isolate failed service instances by stopping sending request to them.

Fallback strategy

The fallback strategy allows user to specify the conditions under which the ServiceComb framework will terminate the requests.

Rate limiting strategy

The user uses the rate limiting policy on the consumer side to control the frequency of requests sent to the specified microservice.

Fault injection

The user uses fault injection on the consumer side to set the delay and error of the request sent to the specified microservice and its trigger probability.

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